*New Marine Ambushed By Unexpected Father*

If you have a graduation story you would like to share.

Please email it to

Sara sure loves her Marine
Great story and super video!

"My brother graduated last September and we were set to fly down from NY the day before. To make a very long story short-We spent 6 hours on a non moving plane-couldn't get a flight out so we jumped in the car and drove 16 hours straight and JUST made it as they marched in on family day! It was a crazy trip to get there but an amazing experience! Here is a video that I made:"

Thanks Sara

I remember getting that call at 3:00am

"My daughter Sara just told me the video she made of my son's graduation from Parrish island was on your website. Of course I had to watch it again she did an amazing job! As for my son Brian becoming a marine that too is amazing, what an experience for us, what a wonderful place Parrish island is. I am so proud of my son and cry every time I watch that video. I love him and am sooooo proud of him and I am soooo proud of his sister, Sara and thank her from the bottom of my heart for recording this memory I will never forget.

I love you, Sara."

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